#BuildFor2030: Hackathon Launch and Empowering Communities
#BuildFor2030: Hackathon Launch and Empowering Communities
Digital Event
September 28, 2021
Event Highlights
As partner to the United Nations, Microsoft has pledged to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of 17 initiatives adopted by member states in 2015 focused on creating a more inclusive, sustainable, and equitable world by 2030.

Together with our partners, we are building for impact.

Through the #BuildFor2030 initiative, consisting of a campaign and hackathon, we seek to drive innovation and collective impact together with partners in support of the UN SDGs.

The #BuildFor2030 Hackathon is an opportunity for partners to reframe challenges as technology opportunities, to make the world better for more of us. Registration is open from September 28th and partners may submit entries through November 15th.

The #BuildFor2030 Campaign is launching its finale theme in 2021. In recognition of the United Nations General Assembly and renewed focus on UN SDGs, we are featuring partner solutions empowering more resilient communities with solutions enabling governments and public private partnerships to respond to the pandemic, accelerate recovery, and reimagine a more resilient and sustainable future.