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Earth Day 2023

April 20 - April 23, 2023
As we observe Earth Day 2023, we know that protecting the planet is critical, and we are committed to creating a more sustainable future. For Microsoft, sustainability isn’t just an ambition — it’s part of our culture. As an organization, we have set 2030 as a goal to be carbon and water negative as well as zero waste. A more sustainable future is a top-of-mind goal, and we want to help every organization on the planet to do the same. Our partners are building innovative Microsoft cloud applications, solutions, services and devices to help customers transform their operations, products, services and supply chains, to facilitate their transition to net zero, and achieve their sustainability goals.

Learn more about the important work Microsoft and our partners are doing to bring our sustainability goals to life by reading our sustainable devices blog and exploring the content and solutions on this page.

Partners make more possible

Earth Day 2023 – We are working together to multiply our efforts and make lasting change.
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Doing different: making a better world throughout the Windows 11 PC ecosystem

Each April, on Earth Day, the world takes a moment to reflect on our natural environment, and evaluate our impact on that environment. Microsoft has committed to become carbon negative, water positive and zero waste company by 2030, all while protecting ecosystems. Microsoft is focused on building a more sustainable future – a goal that is shared with Windows 11 PC partners. Read the blog to learn about sustainable devices and initiatives from our Windows 11 PC partners.
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The BBC’s journey to net zero: Technology’s key role in sustainability

Microsoft's Sustainability Manager enables the BBC to address the goals of their net zero program.

The Sustainability Manager is being used to monitor the BBC’s energy consumption, travel, and waste generation. By tracking these factors, the BBC can identify areas where they are using resources inefficiently and develop strategies to reduce their impact on the environment. The tool also allows the BBC to report its sustainability performance, improving transparency and accountability.

Learn more how the BBC implemented Microsoft Sustainability manager on Microsoft News Centre UK.
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Hear from Microsoft's leaders and industry experts on the topic of sustainability

Public Sector Future podcast, hosted by Microsoft's Olivia Neal
Public Sector Future: AI for Sustainability
In this episode, Dr. Vik Pant, former Chief Scientist and Chief Scientific Advisor for Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), joins the podcast to share priorities in his role and learnings from NR Canada’s digital accelerator as they work to implement new technologies. Discover how new artificial intelligence capabilities are being used to promote sustainability, from improved flood mapping and wildfire response to mining risk mitigation. Listen to the episode.

The Short Circuit with Darryl Willis and special guest Tom Deitrich
Join Darryl Willis, CVP, Energy & Resources Industry at Microsoft, as he speaks with industry experts and thought leaders on hot topics and trends around the energy transition. In this episode, Darryl welcomes Tom Deitrich, President and CEO of Itron, Inc. to talk about the energy transition and how their solutions, built on MSFT platform, enable decarbonization of the power grid. Listen to the episode.
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Microsoft's Future of Infrastructure podcast episodes

Future of Infrastructure: Charting the Future of Water
Peter Fiske is the Executive Director of the National Alliance for Water Innovation (NAWI). He joined The Future of Infrastructure to talk to us about the future of water – and how infrastructure will need to change to combat climate change, become more efficient, and meet demand in the coming decades. Listen to the episode.

Future of Infrastructure: Building for Resilience
Dan Zarrilli, Special Advisor for Climate & Sustainability at Columbia University, and former Chief Climate Policy Advisor in the New York City Mayor’s Office, joins the podcast to talk about lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy and how New York City committed to a comprehensive approach to infrastructure that helps mitigate the impact of climate change and extreme weather. Listen to the episode.
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End-of-life electronics recycling

The Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher program is a partnership tailored to meet the needs of largest device refurbishers in the world. Microsoft enables them to professionally refurbish Windows devices and preinstall genuine Microsoft software, ensuring a great customer experience. These devices are then sold to businesses, consumers, schools and non-profits. Our MAR partners and 3rd Party Refurbishers (TPRs) process millions of PCs per year in addition to all types of consumer end-of-life electronics that are being recycled. All Partners are committed to the environment, many also have Philanthropy programs to support non-profit organizations, schools, student and low-income families.

In the last year alone, the MAR program enabled tremendous positive environmental impact by refurbishing 3.3 million devices globally. Learn more about the impact of the MAR program.