Photo of woman walking through office with cane. Colorful #BuildFor2030 pixels surround the photo.

#BuildFor2030: Empowering an inclusive and accessible world

#BuildFor2030 supports accessibility and disability inclusion

Accessibility empowers innovation for everyone.

Technology can empower the 1+ billion people living with disabilities to achieve more, and the benefit is for us all. Solutions built with inclusive design and accessibility top of mind can help improve our experience, productivity, and engagement.

We’re proud of Microsoft partners empowering a more accessible world. These partners are driving innovation in assistive technology, enabling more inclusive workplaces, and increasing disability inclusion and support for mental health needs in their communities. Join us in supporting partners building for a more inclusive and accessible world.

About the initiative
The Microsoft #BuildFor2030 Initiative accelerates innovation and collective impact. We’re proud to support Microsoft partners enabling solutions for a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable world.