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Empowering Responsible AI Practices Through Partners

The Microsoft Responsible AI Partner Initiative

We are excited to foster a culture of collaboration and continuous learning within our partner ecosystem. The Microsoft Responsible AI (RAI) Partner Initiative is a testament to our dedication to the responsible development and deployment of AI, facilitated through the exchange of responsible AI insights and best practices within our partner ecosystem. The aim is not to prescribe, but to enrich our collective understanding and approach to responsible AI use.

As customers develop and deploy AI in a responsible manner, we know that insights into available resources in the market and Microsoft technology are essential. As a part of our RAI Partner Initiative, we are leveraging our partner ecosystem to provide customers with market and technical insights designed to enable deployment of responsible AI solutions on the Microsoft platform. See below for a brief overview of partners who have established comprehensive AI practices, as well as links to those partners’ generative AI and responsible AI landing pages.

Click here for more info on Microsoft’s Responsible AI Partner Initiative.